Sumea_Beach_Minigolf_176x208_shot01_big_jump Sumea_Beach_Minigolf_176x208_shot02_windmill Sumea_Beach_Minigolf_176x208_shot03_comment Sumea_Beach_Minigolf_176x208_shot04_aiming_uphill Sumea_Beach_Minigolf_176x208_shot05_teleporter

Sun and fun! It’s time to hit the beach and get a tan. Sumea invites you to play an easy and entertaining game – Beach Mini Golf! Please enjoy the game of mini golf in a tropical paradise. The engaging tracks are waiting for you and your friends. Just relax and have a good time in a good company. Sumea’s Beach Mini Golf offers three delightful miniature golf courses to play in beautiful tropical setting – 27 holes of challenging fun in the sun. Courses have special features like elevators, teleports and windmills where good timing and accuracy are needed. There are also sand traps, big jumps and long risky strokes waiting for the player. It’s an innovative game designed to emphasize skill rather than chance but both beginners and experienced players will find it as an enjoyable challenge. It’s really a game for everybody. The game features two game modes: practice and tournament. In the practice mode the player can select a hole to play and have endless amount of strokes to explore different possibilities. In the tournament mode the player chooses a character to play. There are four appealing characters to choose from: Amber, Ethan, Trish and David. The game play is very easy – aim and hit the ball. After each hole the number of the strokes will be calculated into credits and the winner of the tournament is the player who reaches the highest score. If the player manages to play under the par result of the course the next challenging course will be available to play. The tournament mode can be played together with up to 4 human players to maximize the fun. Find your shorts and bikinis and get ready – it’s time to master your skill in the game of Beach Mini Golf!

*Features may vary between handsets*

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