Using Digital Chocolate Products

How do I launch a product?
After you’ve downloaded a product, it’s on your phone and is accessible from the main menu.
Go to your carrier’s download option, toggle over the product’s icon, and select the product to launch.

Can I make and receive phone calls while using a Digital Chocolate product?

While using any product, you can receive phone calls, however, you cannot make them.
When receiving incoming calls, your product will pause and after ending the call, you can resume using the product.

Can I make and receive phone calls while downloading a Digital Chocolate product?

If you are downloading a product and receive a call, it will go directly to voicemail.

Where can I find instructions on how to use my Digital Chocolate product?

Each application contains explanations for controls and fundamental use of the application.
Check in the application’s help menu.

How many products can I store on my phone at any one time?

The number of products you can store on your phone depends on how much total memory you have available on your phone.  The total amount of available memory is affected by the number and size of any products you’ve already downloaded onto your phone.  You can always remove an application from your phone to make room for a Digital Chocolate product!

Getting Digital Chocolate Products

How much do Digital Chocolate products cost?

Each application is unique so prices vary between $2.00 and $8.00 for unlimited use, or, if available, between $2.00 and $4.00 for a 30 day subscription.
For specific pricing information from your carrier, locate the application on your phone.

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