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Galaxy Life™

Galaxy Life

Intriguing planets, weird and wonderful characters; challenge friends and find allies in Galaxy Life! Lead your Starling colony to victory in the wackiest space strategy game yet. Diplomacy is admirable but battles get you the booty!

New in Town

Life is what you make it, so play New in Town and make it amazing! Fresh out of high school, a whole world of opportunity lays before you. Customize your character, make new friends, build your dream home, and become the talk of the town.

Army Attack

Ten-Hut! Listen up solider, a war has broken out and your services are needed to put together a resistance. Become a true army commander and lead your troops to victory in Army Attack.

Zombie Lane™

Take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies! Equip a weapon of your choice and fight off the endless waves of the undead!

Millionaire City™

Build your monopoly from the ground up by creating luxurious houses, crowded commercial skyscrapers, and more. Inside Social Games says “Millionaire City brings more depth to the prospect of city planning in the fact that to make your virtual space the most efficient, you actually do have to plan.”

MMA Pro Fighter™

Build your MMA Pro Fighter and compete in the ultimate competitive mixed martial arts game! Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever! 4 Star User Rating. Inside Social Games says "MMA Pro Fighter is a pretty solid RPG."